The Excitement of Mentoring

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I write this post as a means to dump my brain to paper. I have been meeting with a co-worker on a weekly basis with the purpose of allowing this person to gain an understanding of the process of writing software (test driven development, engineering practices, etc.). This person is Mr. Mattie Righter ( In meeting with Matt weekly, I have asked him to start the process of writing with the sheer purpose of capturing his thoughts. I believe writing down his thoughts and opinions over time allows each of us to see his growth.

A couple of days ago I was reading his article on paired programming. I knew he was somewhat challenged by the process and had opinions he felt were differing from others within the company. And differing from others in the profession as well. After reading this article and feeling it was well written and well thought-out and information that would probably be well consumed by the populace, I tweeted it to all the people that follow me. It is with great pleasure that I going to say that many people have retweeted and made very positive comments about his writing style and content. So I’m writing this blog post in hopes that others in similar situations as Matt will take the opportunity to start documenting their thoughts and their beliefs. The process of documenting anything allows a person to solidify their opinions about many things. If you follow me on a regular basis or if you do not for that matter and you just happened to catch this blog post via my Twitter feed, please take a few minutes and cruise over to Matt’s website and read his post on pair programming. I have attached the link. Do not feel obligated to leave a comment, but if you enjoyed the read or did not, leave some feedback. When someone is documenting their thoughts and beliefs, this feedback, whether positive or negative is a good litmus as to the content they are publishing. Thank you for your patience as I post this type of information and hopefully promote one of my very talented coworkers.


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