BYOD : Build your own drone… multi-rotor quadcopter that is

Agile and Beyond 2015

Codemash 2015


  • Duke Kelly - Super Interesting! Thanks! Can we get the web address?
  • Steve Jones - Title should be “How to build…” intead of “Build…” Liked the enthusiasm.
  • Blake Keller - Fun. Would like to see more about flight controllers.
  • Lee Elliott - Very technical, maybe dumb it down a bit. But awesome.
  • Jeremy Schiele - Discuss caging / protection structures
  • Jon Lyszak - Awesome presentation. Thank you so much.
  • Marilyn Kistler - Very exciting. Thanks.
  • Corey Otis - Awesome !
  • Siresha.Setti - Great
  • Alexandria Kudlinski - real good, keep it the same
  • Jennie Kahn-Jacques - Great !
  • Jaylen Bowers - Very great, interesting talk, thinking about purchasing a drone now!
  • Saukar Doraiswamy - Thanks for the presentation it was pretty cool.
  • Tim Kocoloski - Great detail, next time force the town idiot to move.
  • Dave Wagner - Very interesting presentation. A fun break from agile stuff. I’m intersted because my son is studying EE at UofM so this sounds like a fun summer project
  • Mike Szmansky - Great talk. Lots of info.
  • Jim Madsen - Great Job !! Time to build.
  • Jeff Kosciejew - Very fun! Interesting.
  • Rui Zhao - very nice.
  • John Tobin - Lots of fun! More videos too! (Please)
  • Tyson Navarre - Next time let us fly! ;)
  • Aliasgar Kagalwala - good and informative seminar. would have enjoyed watching you build it live.
  • Samah Mayadla - great crash course on drone basics. wish we got to play around more with the individual parts of the drone. really enjoyed the talk ;)
  • Joyce Wiazowski - Great ! Very interesting and fun.
  • Jane Zhao - Love your presentation!
  • Manny Sullano - interesting to hear other applications of multirotors/quadcopters, etc. to business. I know amazon is applying for delivery.

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