Spektrum DX8G2 Blade Nano CPS Setup Process

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The following YouTube video does a great job of showing exactly how to bind your NanoCPS to your DX8G2. The video is actually for the ‘CPX’, but will work perfectly for the ‘CPS’. This process will also work for other Spektrum radios. The ‘trick’ is to release the bind button and ‘yaw right’ in order to properly bind to the heli.

Once you have performed the ‘bind’ process, download and import the following ‘SPM’ Model file and your radio will be ready to control the heli.

  1. Switch ‘H’ - HOLD
  2. Switch ‘B’ - Mode (0, 1, and 2)
  3. Switch ‘F’ - Dual Rate and Expo

Download SPM File


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