What Makes a Good Tech Lead! (Pillar’s Response)

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Imagine a team. Imagine a person on that team. Imagine a person on that team, assigned the role of tech lead.

I have in my mind, what a ‘good’ (not even a ‘great’) tech lead should be. I then started questioning my thoughts and decided that I work with some of the smartest people and they will all have opinions. I asked the following…

what is a good tech lead? what makes a person capable of being a good tech lead? What are the personalities/traits of this person? Why are some people just good at it… and others (even really technically talented) are just not! Please expand the topic as much as you like. I am sure each of you have experience… good and bad. please write a blog with your thoughts.

After reading all of the submissions and consulting with the oracles, I have finally made a decision. Each submission was great in its own rite, but one captured all of the nuances of what it means to be a ‘Pillar Tech Lead’. Ironically, he was one of the last to submit and questioned his ability to write a ‘good’ blog post. Once again, Kevin shows all of us… just how it is supposed to be done.

Thanks Kevin !

Kevin Smith



here is a list of all of the submissions, in alphabetical order, by last name… please support all by giving each a read and leaving a comment on their individual site.


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