my solution to Kata Battle - Pillar November 2015 Monthly Meeting

I created this kata, based on an existing list of acceptance tests. I have placed the ‘Acceptance Tests’ within the e2e package. The e2e package only executes during the gradle ‘accept’ task. The acceptance tests were written as part of a Kata Battle at the November 2016 Monthly Meeting.

I started the kata with no personal unit tests. The acceptance tests were designed to be executed after the local solution was complete.

My unit tests are located within the ‘trend’ package, named TrendUtilsTests.

To run the local unit tests… > gradle test

To run the e2e acceptance tests… > gradle accept

  1. Fork the repository : kata.
  2. Clone the repo you just forked and rename it.
  3. Use the new repository to start writing your own version of the urinal kata.

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