Roman Numeral Calculator (C)

C implementation of the Roman Numeral Calculator Kata. Please view the for the rules. The rules are quite simple.


Roman Numeral Calculator

For this Kata, you will be creating a library which will allow the addition and subtraction of Roman numerals. Once your solution is complete, please provide your solution as a Git repository (publicly available via Github or Bitbucket). Please include within your repository, all source and test code.

The solution will be reviewed for:

Test coverage Algorithms Code structure Use of source control - Overall solution The environment for this kata is the following:

Ubuntu Linux The C programming language GNU GCC compiler tool chain GNU Make Check unit testing framework ( ) git Roman Numeral rules:

Numerals can be concatenated to form a larger numeral (“XX” + “II” = “XXII”). In the Roman numeral system, the basic “digits” are the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M which represent the same numbers regardless of their position. Symbols are placed in order of value, starting with the largest values. When the higher numeral is placed before a lower numeral, the values of each Roman numeral are added. When smaller values precede larger values, the smaller values are subtracted from the larger values, and the result is added to the total. Do not repeat I, X, and C more than three times in a row. (Number 4 on a Roman numeral clock is usually written as IIII. ) Symbols V, L, and D cannot appear more than once consecutively. (“D” + “D” = “M” not “DD”). Do not subtract a number from one that is more than 10 times greater: I may only precede V and X, X may only precede L and C, and C may only precede D and M. Stories

User Story: Addition

As a Roman bookkeeper I want to be able to add two numbers together So that I can do my work faster with fewer mathematical errors.

User Story: Subtraction

As a Roman bookkeeper I want to be able to subtract a number from another So that I can do my work faster and with fewer mathematical errors.

This Kata is based on the Roman Numeral Calculator Kata at

this assumes you already have ‘docker engine’ installed

execute the following in order to build a proper Docker image and execute

docker build -t ubuntu-roman . after the ‘build’ step is complete

docker run -it -v your/path/:/tmp ubuntu-roman /bin/bash cd /tmp make clean && make

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