Blackout Spider Hex Build

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Parts List

  • [frame] Blackout Mini Spider Hex
  • [motor] Dualsky ECO - 2204X 2300KV, 23g
  • [esc] Gemfan 10A
  • [flight controller] CC3D Atom OpenPilot CopterControl Board (RIGHT ANGLE)
  • CC3D Atom Case/Holder - V2 W/ Feet
  • The Squid V2 - Power Connector Solution for HEX - T Plug
  • Gemfan 3 Blade Propeller - 5 x 3 (2PCS, CW & CCW) BLACK
  • 2600mAh 3S 35C Thin Lipo Pack - T Connector

Parts Layout


Electrify The Frame


  • motor
  • bullets
  • heat shrink


Smoked ESC

Ready To Fly

Tuning (GCS)

Test Flight Video(s)


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